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Life Insurance FAQ

Do I need Life Insurance?

The decision to get life insurance is both a personal and financial decision. How much do you value the peace of mind that it would bring? For many people, life insurance represents an important commitment to their family, but you must be able to afford it. If you do decide you need life insurance, you can consult a specialist life insurance advisor by completing our short form.

Where can I buy Life Insurance?

We have carefully selected and screened the top UK life insurance and critical illness providers who can find the best products for you. Again, simply fill your details in our contact form to request their assistance and a personalised quote.

What is the difference between Level and Decreasing cover?

Level cover pays out a lump sum in the event of death during a specific term. The level of cover remains the same throughout the plan term, as do the monthly premiums.

Decreasing cover is sometimes also known as Mortgage Life Insurance as it is usually designed to protect a repayment mortgage and the lump sum would be used to pay off the outstanding balance.

The amount of cover you need and the length of the plan are customisable by you.

What is the difference between Guaranteed and Reviewable Premiums?

Guaranteed premiums are almost always more expensive than reviewable premiums, as the guarantee needs to be paid at the outset by the plan holder. Guaranteed premiums suggest that they will not change during the term of the cover, while a reviewable premium is likely to change.

How and when your premiums will be reviewed varies by provider. Our partner specialists can help explain these details before you commit to any plan.

How much will I pay?

The amount you pay will depend upon a number of factors, such as your age, your health, lifestyle and occupation. If you are older, have health problems, smoke or work in a dangerous environment, you can expect to pay more for your life insurance than someone who is younger, healthier, does not smoke and works in a low-risk job. The best way to find out how much you will pay, however, is to contact us by filling in your details here.